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Visual Impact

Be A Part Of A Positive Change For Darrington & Get Involved!
We are currently looking into street planters for Darrington Street.  Several small towns have street planters adopted by businesses neighborhoods and/or families which pass on cost to the municipal governments and build a sense of place in their communities.  Below is an example of an adopted street planter at Long Beach Washington.  We are considering wooden, metal and concrete planters.

Beautification at Dot City Park has been an ongoing job adding trees, shrubs and flowers.  As to date we have planted over 3,000 spring bulbs at the park.  We mow the grass, weed and do all of the pruning.  One of our goals for the park is to create a flowering Dogwood grove at the park as you drive into town.  We have about half of this work now completed!  Below is an illustration of this project:

We'll be assisting with the curbside planters at Old School Park, five planters total.  These planters will be landscaped with shrubs and flowers making our central park beautiful and inviting.  This project will commence this fall.  Below is a picture depicting our vision for these planters: