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Darrington Area Resource Advocates

Darrington Area Resource Advocates, DARA
Post Office Box 1061
Darrington, WA 98241
Voicemail: 360.474.7324

Welcome to DARA, a volunteer division of Darrington Strong, Inc.
DARA is comprised of community members, representatives of the Sauk-Suiattle Tribe, Hampton Mills, local nonprofits & business owners.  We work in partnership with Friends For Public Use a volunteer division of Darrington Strong, Inc. which promotes stewardship of public lands & volunteers with the Forest Service to keep roads open with good drainage and clean.

We believe that responsible land management can not just create local jobs but can sustain back country recreation and enhance habitat.

Current DARA Projects:

Steelhead Recovery in the Sauk River:
Our goal is to develop & implement a program utilizing existing rearing ponds adjacent to the Sauk River to increase the population of native Steelhead.

Save Circle Creek Road!:
We are working in partnership with Friends For Public Use to save the Circle Creek Road.  There is a pending decision to decommission the last 7 miles of this road which easily accesses the built Forest Service trail to Crystal Lake and the legendary Circle Peak making both of these destinations realistic day hikes.  Learn More...

Sustainable Timber Management:
By wisely managing our timber we can generate revenues for both forest roads and trails, create local jobs, decrease road maintenance by "daylighting roads", remove hazardous trees and at the same time improve forest health and enhance habitat.

Paving the remaining 14 miles of the Mountain Loop Highway:
The Mountain Loop Highway, Forest Road #20, was constructed by the Civilian Conservation Corps back in 1941.  This cherished road, known throughout the country for its breathtaking views and accesses some of the most sought after recreation the State of Washington has to offer!  There are 14 miles of unpaved road which requires high maintenance by the Forest Service now facing severe & ongoing budget cuts.  Once the Mountain Loop Highway is paved, it is our intention that Snohomish County take over the contract for this road.  We believe that paving these remaining miles of road will improve a longer season for recreation, improve law enforcement and increase recreational generated revenues both locally as well as for Snohomish County and the State.  Learn More...