Finish The Loop

Why should we consider this project be renewed?
The wild SF Sauk River as seen from the Mountain Loop Highway

U.S. Forest Service and Snohomish County Receive Funds For Mountain Loop Highway Feasibility Study on September, 28, 2016!  Now the Mountain Loop Highway Feasibility Study Is Underway!  Learn more..

What would it be like to drive all 52 miles of paved road for the Mountain Loop Highway?  See this video of the recently paved Middle Fork Snoqualmie Road video.

Looking at the history of this project:  In 1975, the Federal Highways Administration (FHA) published an Environmental Impact Statement (EIS) which proposed completion of a paved 2 lane scenic highway from Barlow Pass to Darrington.  In the 1986 the segment from Darrington to the White Chuck River was paved. In the 1990's, FHA was ready to prepare an EIS to address paving of the remaining 14 miles of gravel highway.  This project was abandoned when the Forest Service, FHA and Snohomish County decided not to proceed with the work due to lack of broad based and active support for it.

 We learned a lot from this last effort and believe the time is right to FINISH THE LOOP.
Map of the Mountain Loop Highway, Seattle Times

The Mountain Loop Highway provides a unique loop drive opportunity to residents of Snohomish County (and the people of NW Washington generally) that can be driven in a day from many locations within the Puget Sound Area.  There are no similar opportunities for such a drive into spectacular mountain scenery in the County let alone NW Washington State.

The Famous potholes of the unpaved Mountain Loop, photo by Walt Dortch

How could paving the remaining gravel portion of the Loop Improve this scenic drive?
In the unpaved portion is very dusty causing clouds of dust obscuring sight distance covering cars, vegetation campsite along the road.  During dry conditions the gravel forms ridges known as "washboarding" which causing very bumpy ride.  During the we season deep potholes form which can pose potential driving hazards.  The Forest Service constantly works grading the portion of this road reworking the gravel to keep the surface drivable.  This could all be avoided by finishing the loop!

Lets Finnish The Loop!

Latest News Release!

Mountain Loop Highway begins Feasibility Study!