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June 2018

Darrington Strong General Meeting Minutes

June 20, 2018

President Martha Rasmussen opened the meeting & Steve Somsen gave the treasurer’s report and results of the May audit:

  • Grand total of three accounts at Coastal Community Bank:   $20,024.70

  • Membership:  37 members (17 business, 14 community & 6 non-profit)

Division Reports:

Darrington Area Resource Advocates (DARA):  Martha updated us and there was some discussion on the Mtn. Loop Highway feasibility study.   

Friends for Public Use (FFPU):  Martha addressed the National Trail Day work and following potluck dinner as well as updates on local trail work.

Friends of North Mountain (FNM):  Paul Wagner discussed the breach of the security hatch and gate.  Rick reported that a work party has not yet been scheduled. The installation of the lightning arrester system was discussed.  Martha has someone who may be able to build a door for us. Paul suggested that we post some information such as a rack card at the lookout for visitors.

Committee Reports:

Darrington Events:  Joanne Milton updated us about the Darrington calendar contest and the upcoming street fair, art show & quilt show on July 14.  Apparently the Arlington street fair will be held the same day.

Other Reports:

Darrington Collaborative:   Paul Wagner said that Hampton will start harvesting the first unit next month and also the work on Clear Creek Road in August.  Segelsen 2 is close to being laid out. There are several other projects scattered around the region and North Mountain timber stands were discussed.  

Mansford Grange:  Gordy Beil informed us of the events in Old School Park after the July 4 parade.  

Darrington Ranger Station:  Peter Forbes reported on the Circle Creek road repairs/improvements and grants that are in process for other projects.

Darrington Fire Dept:  Drew Bono reported that they’ve had 237 calls to date with two major collisions with entrapment and one fatality.  Activity is picking up with the season and they’re concerned about brush fires. The FDD is looking forward to the events that are coming up this summer.  The Whitehorse community center improvements/replacement was discussed & they would like to include input from the community as much as possible. They are navigating grants for the project at this time & there will be a task force organized to find the best solution. Drew distributed and then retracted flyers for the upcoming levy on August 7.  

Good of the Order:   

A membership drive for Darrington Strong was discussed and introductions were given.

In Attendance:

Drew Bono
Dave Bell
Gordy Beil
JoAnn Milton
Ken Milton
Marla Skaglund
Martha Rasmussen
Mathew Medina
Paul Wagner
Peter Forbes
Rick Knight
Ron Wolff
Stephen Somsen
Sylvia Stauffer


Lisa Yandle