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Volunteers Needed!

It just takes one person to decide they are willing to volunteer to make their community a better place and the community WILL become a better place!  A volunteer is very important!  A volunteer is powerful!  Volunteers gives of themselves and receive the reward of knowing that they can bring about positive change!  We need more volunteers on our team to build a better community!  Below are some positions needing to be filled:

Our youth working at Dot's City Park

You don't see the right volunteer job for you? 
Maybe it doesn't exist yet and it is just waiting for you to make it happen!

Committee: Adopt Highway 530  This person coordinates three litter pickup work parties a year.
Committee:  Visual Impact  The job of this person is to coordinate the subcommittee chairs, keep track of fundraising and be sure media goes out for accomplishments.
Subcommittee - Visual Impact: Flowers For Darrington  Ongoing fundraising has been to raise money to buy spring and fall bulbs and plant them around town.  Our town will just keep getting prettier and prettier!  We need someone to head this effort!